Friday, May 1, 2009

Atlas Shrugged Modern Day Characters

Possible modern day characters:
Mr. Thompson = Obama
Wesley Mouch = Tim Geithner, Tres. Sec
Fred Kinnan = Hilda Solis, Labor Sec
Cuffy Meigs = Rahm Emanuel, chief of staff
Bertram Scudder = Arthur Sulzberger, NYT publisher
Balph Eubank = David Axelrod
Dr. Robert Stadler = Al Gore
Mr. Mowen = George Soros

Friday, April 24, 2009

Congressional Hearings on Global Warming

Well, it seems the Dems, with Henry Waxman leading the way, are holding a hearing on global warming today. Even though tons of evidence exist negating global warming, including the fact the earth has actually cooled the last nine years, they don't want anything to spoil Al Gore's fictional display to the public! Watch for the Dems to gin up the rhetoric to create public hysteria over the "crisis" so that they can justify passing more and more legislation to increase taxes and to control American lives and reduce freedoms and liberty!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Global Warming and Global Governance

First off, let me state that I do not believe in Global Warming, man made or otherwise. I've studied climatology enough to know that there is an incredible number of variables that go in to the ability to predict what the climate is going to be tomorrow and next week, much less next year or fifty years from now. The credible scientific evidence for global warming just doesn't exist, notwithstanding what Al Gore and the United Nations have to say about it.

This weekend I had a sort of epiphany concerning all of the Global Warning hoopla, and its down right scary. For some time now, I have been trying to figure out the real "why" behind all of the dire and catastrophic predictions. Who had the most to gain, what was it they were after, and how did they hope to achieve it through this manufactured "crisis"?

Fortunately, the Obama administration has given me the answer! As a student of Sol Alinsky, Pres. Obama, and his ilk, learned that the best way to impose a socialist agenda and a greater and expanded government is to always take advantage of a crisis, and the fear it engenders among the populace. The bigger the crisis, the greater the fear and the bigger imposition of government control over all of society! One only has to look at how the Obama administration is handling the current financial crisis and the unprecedented expansion of government it has put in place, to realize what Obama's true goal is: the creation of a socialist form of government on the United States.

Now, imagine the global ramifications of a world-wide "catastrophe", such as Global Warming, and the incredible burden it will place on governments around the world to combat it. We are already starting to see governments imposing new programs which will carry with them huge tax increases on an unsuspecting public, under the guise of climate control. The cap and trade lunacy is just a small example of what's to come! As these programs increase, the cost to the private sector will be so overwhelming that free societies will be completely incapable of sustaining their economies, which is exactly the scenario invisioned by Sol Alinsky for the takeover of societies by the governments. In short, private ownership of property and all freedoms will be subverted to the will of the government in the so-called best interest of all of the people. i.e. Socialism!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Reality vs. Idealism: Obama's tilt to the right

What happens to the political tilt of a person when they are suddenly faced with the challenge of being personally responsible for overwhelming national and global problems? Its extremely easy, while standing on the side lines, to espouse liberal and pacifistic ideas. The "let's take care of the masses" mantra, and the "let's sit down and talk to our enemies without conditions" philosophy are exposed for what they are, naive and idealistic solutions to complex issues.

One suspects that as President-Elect Obama has received intelligence briefings of security threats facing America at home and around the world and an economy on the brink of collapse, he has had to re-evaluate his positions and adjust his beliefs to conform to the harsh realities of the real world. The masses can't be helped and the economy can't recover, if the government penalizes the producers with tax increases, and the producers stop producing. Our enemies don't really want to talk to us, they want to destroy us, and they don't care what we have to say to them.

Necessity is the mother of invention and reality is the mother of conservatism. Welcome to the right, Mr. Obama.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


If anyone questions the viability of a Washington bailout of Detroit, yesterday all doubts were removed! What America saw yesterday in hearings before Congress, was absolute proof that nothing Washington does at the expense of the American taxpayers will solve their problems. If the auto executives are too stupid to figure out that you don't ask for taxpayer help when you put on a public display of wastefulness and gluttony, they don't deserve to be where they are. It is clear that the mind set of the Auto industry executives is so polluted by their blind eye towards wastefulness, they are completely incapable of running any business at a profit, much less an industry that is on the brink of bankruptcy! Mitt Romney is exactly right, the only thing that will fix this problem is a complete overhaul of the industry in a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, including the dumping of existing management along with stifling labor contracts.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Carl Rove has a great article on the future of the GOP and a road map on how to regain the political upper hand in an Obama administration. Great reading and one to save and follow!


It now appears that the war in the Congo is escalating again and the conflict will involve numerous African nations. Will an Obama Administration mean more American involvement in the African Congo War? At a time when America is struggling to dig out of a major economic crisis, can we afford to intervene in a war that is bound to put an enormous strain on our military resources that are already stretched too thin? Although Kenya is not directly involved in the conflict, Obama's ties to that region, mean that we will, in all likelihood, be drawn in to the on-going malaise.

The real question will be, why? What is America's national interest in the conflict, other than humanitarian? While the human suffering in that conflict is enormous, and it would be extremely noble for us to be able to end the crisis, America can't be the savior for all of the world. We simply don't have the wherewithal to manage it, especially at a time when we are already in a world-wide war against terrorist.

A better option for America would be for the Obama administration to assist in mobilizing the American humanitarian relief operation through the plethora of non-governmental charitable organizations. Americans have proven over and over again that when they are made aware of the sufferings of other people in the world, they respond with their pocketbooks and their time like no other nation on earth! A far better solution than the spending of our most precious commodity, the blood of our people.